Accurate Gear Shaping

Our Gear Shaping Services

Gear shaping is a process that involves using a reciprocating cutting tool to gradually remove material from a gear blank, creating the desired tooth profile. This method is particularly suitable for producing gears with complex tooth geometries or those that require a high degree of precision.

Custom Gear Shaping

We specialize in custom gear design and shaping utilizing advanced software and machinery. Our experts can create gears in any size, shape, and material to meet your precise requirements for optimal performance and efficiency.

Gear Repair and Maintenance

Our experienced technicians provide top-notch gear maintenance and repair services to prevent equipment failures and enhance longevity. We utilize the latest tools and techniques to restore optimal performance.

Gear Prototype Development

We offer gear prototyping services to test your gear design concept before going to production. Our team of experts can provide valuable feedback and recommendations to improve performance and reduce assembly time and costs.